Peter Willey’s jokes have not been tested on animals.


With a name like Peter Willey, what else could he be but a comedian? 

Peter is a seasoned stand-up and accomplished singer / songwriter / guitarist.  He is armed with an arsenal of sharp tongued stories, jokes, impressions, poems, original songs and irreverent reworking of famous tunes. Peter has performed at countless folk and comedy clubs, and way too many clubs and pubs.  He has been a finalist in many competitions culminating in his well-deserved, historic win in the 1998 South Tamworth Bowling Club Talent Quest.

Peter brings music to comedy with his original songs and clever parodies.  Audiences laugh from verse to chorus at his hilarious images described in such original compositions as the haunting “The Kitchen Tea Tupperware Massacre of 1965”. This song has been played by Macca on his “Australia All Over” radio program. 

Many of Peter’s other songs celebrate the isolation and deprivation of being brought up in the living hell of a comfortable, loving, middle-class family.  Peter has had the audience at Sydney’s Comedy Store singing along in full voice to “The Day I Wore My Inside Thongs Outside”.

Peter’s stand-up routines are clever and witty.  He covers a wide range of topics including travel, hippies, country music, the middle class, religion and the social ostracism of wearing inappropriate footwear.   His interaction with the audience can be fast and furious but is always funny without any malice.  

Peter has appeared on television twice: In the first he was being led away by police to a paddy wagon sporting his nice grey suit and “mid-life crisis” pony tail.  The second was eating a vegetarian sausage roll under the closing credits of the 1999 Sydney Comedy Festival Gala.  Both appearances earned him wide critical acclaim.